Faded Truth Podcast

’Bad Girl’ Turned Businesswoman ”Rocky” Santiago Talks Life After Reality TV, SacredSKN & More!

December 24, 2021

Reality TV icon, Raquel “Rocky” Santiago, is more than just a gorgeous face; she's a 'bad girl' turned business woman! Her amiable personality, unwavering confidence and ambitious attitude have given inspiration to many, on and off the camera. After being involved in several spin offs from the reality hit tv show 'Bad Girls Club', Rocky went on to explore other avenues in her life including modeling, promotions and real estate.

After becoming a mother to her beautiful daughter, Noa Rose, Santiago decided to venture into more creative and fulfilling passions. During the 2020 pandemic, Raquel founded her own nature-inspired skincare company, sacredSKN, driven to promote self love and acceptance for all women. This MOM-trepeneur, also, adds “content creator” to her list of titles, varying from popular social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok (@prettygrlrocky) to YouTube channel (@Raquel Santiago) and video game streaming service, Twitch (@rocKILLA). 2022 has big things in store for the powerhouse as she plans to start her own podcast journey and vows to consistently work on her own healing through spirituality! Over the years, the former Bad Girl has constantly proven that there isn’t much she can’t accomplish and she is, without a doubt, far from finished. https://www.instagram.com/prettygrl_rocky/


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