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”MOHAVE MUSHROOMS” Owner Delivers ‘Kung Fu Kickin‘ Healing Through Ancient Natural Medicines!

December 17, 2021

Mohave Mushrooms is a medicinal mushroom company based out of Las Vegas, focused on bringing the eclectic science and traditional use of mushrooms to mainstream American culture. Although mushrooms have been used culturally for centuries, modern science is only now brushing the surface of what our ancestors already knew - that mushrooms are deep reservoirs for powerful medicines and an integral part of human evolution, both physically and spiritually.

Mohave Mushrooms started with two partners Jordan and Wrara, growing gourmet mushrooms on a small scale and selling them at local markets. They have since streamlined the business to focus on creating medicinal mushroom tinctures, supplements, and jerky, made from homegrown mushrooms, then eventually sourcing from the best growers in the nation. These supplements are made from 100% mushroom fruiting body, meaning there is no filler in the powders or tinctures. The average healthy consumer experiences better sleep, sharper cognitive function and increased memory, while people with serious health issues like lupus and fibromyalgia experience huge differences in their health, quelling seizures and digestive issues. When Jordan isn't spreading mushroom awareness, he is working on music production, martial arts and aerialist performances.






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